Landscape and Memory , 2018, Photographed by Lindy Schoenborn

Landscape and Memory, 2018, Photographed by Lindy Schoenborn

Kristen Crouch is a multi-disciplinary artist exploring memory and nostalgia through mixed media visual work and multi-sensory installation. Her work starts photographically with the moment-catching impulse of personal snapshots. Crouch distorts these images in Photoshop using an original algorithm informed by visual and numerical data from geographic locations, trigonometry, birthdays, numerology, and life events. These resulting digital files, or “memoryscapes,” are translated into multiple forms. Some are inkjet printed onto sheets of distressed metal, and combined with paint and handwriting. Others take shape as metal sculptures or printed elements transformed with copper sulfate pentahydrate as a crystallizing device. She traces others onto walls by using an overhead projector to build up a foundation and direction for installation. Once taken through these digital and physical transformations, no piece remains representative of just one memory or person; they are amalgamated moments of personal and cultural history that connect people and place beyond the constricts of linear time. 

Kristen Crouch (b. 1991) received a BFA in photography and a minor in sculpture from SCAD (2014). She has had solo exhibitions in Savannah (I Will Live On [2014]) and Wilmington (Landscape and Memory [2018], a collaboration with LOCAL: Art + Ideas), where she grew up and resides. She has also organized exhibitions in Wilmington, including Full Frontal (2017). Omni (2016), and Thirty Under 30: An International Young Artist Group Exhibition (2015). Crouch has participated in group shows in North Carolina, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Kentucky. She is a co-producer, curator, and performer in The Museum of Dead Words, with recent shows in London and California. 

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