Printing to wood consists of a transfer process using professional inkjet transfer film and a reactive solution that dissolves the ink into the wood. Because there is no white ink in the Epson inkjet printer, any white areas of your image will reveal the characteristics of the grain of the wood. This is why I typically use lighter species like birch and oak for wood prints. The print is finished with multiple layers of clear varnish and a standard presentation of a hanging wire on the back of the finished piece. Wood prints are fully customizable, from image size, finished presentation, and species and cut of wood. Plywood typically works best, as the alternating layers of grain add strength and provide a flatter surface, adding to the archival quality of your prints. 

Please fill out the form below to request a quote for wood printing services. I currently work in Wilmington, NC, but am able to ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. Please note if you need prints by a specific deadline or event. 

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