The Museum of Dead Words

Written, Directed, and Performed by Dyalekt

Co-Producer / Curator / Performer, United States and Europe, 2017–2018

Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College, London UK, 2017

Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College, London UK, 2017

The word “hypocrite” is etched onto wall of Wabi Sabi Warehouse, atypically bare considering this is supposed to be an art exhibit. A cursory glance around the warehouse reveals other words similarly imprinted across the interior. “Racism,” “bias” and eight other seemingly mundane words that proliferate newspapers, blogs, Facebook posts, and Youtube comments make up the display of “The Museum of Dead Words.” With the entrance of the tour guide come emcee, Dyalekt—a sharply dressed man with a markedly articulate flair about him—it becomes evident that this is no mere exhibit, but rather a linguistic eulogy for words that have died in our contemporary parlance.

– James McCrae, Encore Magazine

About Dyalekt

Hypocrite • Miscegenation • Racist/sm • Normal • Sexist/sm • Slut • Evil • Deserve • Obvious/ly • Truth • Clickbait