The Museum of Dead Words

Written and Performed by Dyalekt, Directed by Andrew J. Scoville

Curator, United States and Europe, 2017–Current

Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College in London, UK, October 2017

Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College in London, UK, October 2017

MC / Playwright/ Educator Dyalekt spent a year researching Internet comments to discover what words amplified conversations into fights Online. The result is the Museum of Dead Words, a one-man show and rap album that explores communication in the age of the Internet through interactive theatre, music, art, and installation. As guests are guided through a linguistic deconstruction of the museum’s 11 words, they are invited to investigate how conversations breakdown when exchanged instantaneously without context or physical interaction. Dyalekt’s intricate weaving of etymology and satire with rhythm and tone creates an intimate hip hop theatre experience unlike any other. We welcome you to take a tour of the Museum of Dead Words, and hope to inspire empathy and reclaim genuine human connection, making way for better understanding of one another’s culture, language, and experience as we navigate life Online.


Art Apple NYC in Brooklyn, NY

September 21–27, 2019

Featuring Visual Artists Clockwork CROS, Kai Barreda, the brokeMC, Abby Walsh, Kristen Crouch, Dyalekt, Warner King Washington II, and Maggie Muldoon

Featuring Mixes of Original Songs by Sid Suna, Willie Green, the brokeMC, Sean Spada & Cherch, Zaquan, Magnit Hands, Shane McConnell, and Joe Drymala


Lucidity Festival, Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, CA

April 12–15, 2019


Impact Hub, Santa Barbara, CA

August 3–4, 2018

Copy of Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College, London UK

Mozilla Festival, Ravensbourne College in London, UK

October 27–29 2017

wsw 1.jpg

Wabi Sabi Warehouse, Wilmington, NC

October 6–7, 2017

IMG_4096 2.jpg

The BnL, Dover, DE

September 30, 2017

The word “hypocrite” is etched onto wall of Wabi Sabi Warehouse, atypically bare considering this is supposed to be an art exhibit. A cursory glance around the warehouse reveals other words similarly imprinted across the interior. “Racism,” “bias” and eight other seemingly mundane words that proliferate newspapers, blogs, Facebook posts, and Youtube comments make up the display of “The Museum of Dead Words.” With the entrance of the tour guide come emcee, Dyalekt—a sharply dressed man with a markedly articulate flair about him—it becomes evident that this is no mere exhibit, but rather a linguistic eulogy for words that have died in our contemporary parlance.

– James McCrae, Encore Magazine


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