Curator + Organizer, Acme Art Studios, Wilmington NC, 2016


A root word meaning “all”, OMNI is an experiential exhibition inspired by the centers of spiritual power in the human body, known to some as chakras. Through the collaborative curation of performance art, video projection, live sounds, food, and lighting design, OMNI aspires to address how an invalidation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs contributes to global social injustice. In direct response to North Carolina’s discriminatory House Bill 2, a toilet fills with flowers atop a platform in the heart of the gallery. Scissors hang next to performers bound to the wall with string. A hug is offered at the conclusion of the show next to pens and blank pages calling one to complete the statement, “I begin to let go when…” Six chef-prepared dishes influenced by each chakra - in color and ingredients - intend to balance the physical and spiritual characteristics associated with each. An invitation of unrestricted viewer involvement aims to create a safe place for conversation and exploration, reminding us of the healing powers of basic human connection.

Images by Sophie Haulman and Kristen Crouch