I specialize in inkjet printing to aluminum sheet metal. I produce each piece by hand in my studio on an Epson inkjet printer. Metal is hand cut, surface prepped, and coated to each customer's specifications, then digital images are printed directly to the metal - aluminum sheets run through the printer like a thick piece of paper. Each print is left to dry before being coated with multiple layers of UV protective coating and clear lacquer. Standard presentation is a 3/4" backer frame and hanging wire, allowing the metal to "float" on the wall. Every part of the process is customizable, from the grinding of the metal, image size, lacquer finish, and presentation. 

Please fill out the form below to request a quote for metal printing services. I currently work in Wilmington, NC, but am able to ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. Please note if you need prints by a specific deadline or event. 

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