Curator + Organizer, Wabi Sabi Warehouse, Wilmington NC, 2017

Videography by Scott Evans, Soundtrack by Dez Wright, Editing by Kristen Crouch

In FULL FRONTAL, Southern artists take on the comprehensive topic of nudity as visual art, performance, and video installation. Through the integration of live models and figure drawing classes FULL FRONTAL confronts the miseducation of sex and self-acceptance in our culture. A panel-community conversation asks how this common taboo contributes to social injustices and immorality, and debates the oft narrow delineations between art, pornography, and assault.

Exhibited Artists:

Angie Sinclair • Austin Blake Mays • Benjamin Billingsley • Brianna Mellott • Charlotte Haines • Clinton Meyer • Courtney Rivenbark • Devon Keeler • Donnie Martin • Grey Pascal • Janette K Hopper • Jenny Yarborough • Jessie Taylor • Jim Hallenbeck • Jud Crowe • Kelly Starbuck • Kieran Finney • Kristen Crouch • Lance Taylor • Loraine Scalamoni • Luis Adorno • Marcos G. Ortiz • Mary Trentalange • Mike Penny • Napier Fuller • Nathan Ryan Verwey • Paula Recko • Sharon Wozniak-Spencer • Sheila Keefe Ortiz • Sophie Haulman • Sylvia Atwood • Todd Carignan • Yelitza Gallimore

Performers + Models:

Christina Russell • Emily Alice Calder • Jamey DuPlanquer • Robin Charlet • Tim Joyner 


Rhonda Bellamy, Executive Director of The Arts Council of Wilmington and NHC

Benjamin Billingsley, Professor of Art and Art History at Cape Fear Community College, Full Frontal Exhibiting Artist

Anne Brennen, Executive Director of the Cameron Art Museum

Karola Luttringhaus, Executive Director of Alban Elved Dance Company, Founder SARUS FESTIVAL, Performance Artist

Grey Pascal, Performance Artist and Choreographer, Full Frontal Exhibiting Artist

Chadwick Roberts, Assistant Professor of Communication Studies and Women's and Gender Studies at UNCW

Images by Lindy Schoenborn and Kristen Crouch