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FULL FRONTAL Nude Art Exhibition

I pay close attention to the artistic activity of my environment, and the exhibitions I organize are always a direct response to these events and issues. Being an artist in Wilmington has been inspiring in an interesting way; I’ve learned to positively refocus the energy of my renegade inclinations toward creating art experiences and starting conversations I feel are important. Enter “Full Frontal,” an upcoming exhibition at Wabi Sabi Warehouse.

Full Frontal is intended to showcase the naked human body in all sizes, media, and interpretations. Through an uncensored celebration of the nude form, we ask why the human body is still considered taboo by many, and discuss where the line - if there is a line - of nudity is drawn in the art world.

Exhibition runs June 10 – July 31 in Wilmington, NC
Opening reception June 10, 7–10 pm at Wabi Sabi Warehouse